Amist Our Passion And Desire
Is It Safe To Say
We’ve All Experienced
The Doom Days
Of Lost Love

Each Of Us
Suffering In Our Own
Particular Way
Still Managing To Feel
That Someone Out There
Remains Well Deserved
Of Your Love

The First Sufferer of Lost Love

Witchcraft On Her Lips
Longing In Her Heart
Words Of Persuasion
Spinning Her Web
Of Small Talk And Inconsequential
And There He Went

Yes, and there he went with another

A Possible Act Of Persuasion For Her To Win Him Back Or A Lover’s Revenge

She Wore
The Silk Stockings
As A Lover’s Revenge
She Only Knew Him To Well
To Send The Picture
And Remind Him


Then thoughts come rushing forward of himself for her.

The Second Sufferer Of Lost Love

To Such Misery
That Was My Mistake
To Embrace You
Silly Me
Believing In You
All I Want Is
To Forget U
And Others Like You

Well That Makes It Clear, Your Done…

Like A Cake In A Oven
It Rises, Love Rises
Then You Open The Door To Soon
The Cake Deflates
A Delicious Cake Caved In
A Lover’s Ego Caved In

It’s Just An Analogy For Deflated Love

Yes, It Was
A Recipe Of Bitter-Sweetness
Dare You Follow It Again
Not Likely
Nothing Came From It
Bitter and Sweet
Are Certainly Mismatched

But Then What Do You Do?
But Rise Again….

Each Mortal
Has Dried
The Tears
Of A Broken Love
There Was Your Last
“I Love You” To Him Or Her
Know These Recycled Words
Will Be Said Again
For Love

And Still You Want To Revisit
Those Thoughts Of Passion

“Drain Me” Was
Bodies Intertwined
Skin To Skin
Glistening Beads of Sweat
Only In Lovemaking


The Third Sufferer Of Love….

Others Convincing Themselves
To Stay Alone
After An Unrequited Love…….

If I Stay Within
The Confines Of My Mind
Then I Am Securely Safe
No Thinking Twice
No Expanding
My Disappointment
No Creating
A More Perfect You
Just Peace

Yes, And Peace Sells It All
To Stay Alone……….

And For Those Who Serially
Become Uncommitted
A Casanova

I Was All About Quality
You Were All About Quantity
I Became Serious
With Pure Effort To Love
You Became Childishly
Thinking It Was All A Game
For Your Ego

Then Reminding Themselves
Her or Him……

Above All This
You Failed
To See My
Silver Wings
They Held You
They Supported You
They Wanted You
But You Were
Whisked Away
By Nonsensical Gibberish
And I Thought I Knew You

Then We Start The Cycle Again
Of Finding That
One True Love For Her
Of Finding That
Last Ultimate Temptation
For Him


A Flawed Angels Temptation
A Piquant Glance
A Mere Wisp Of Her Touch
Her Delicate Scent
A Kiss Of All Tomorrows
At The Very Least

The Fourth Sufferer Of Love

Once Again After Another Abandon….

What Did You Think
That My Reckless Abandon
Wouldn’t React
The Bane Of Your Soul
Wouldn’t Affect Me
My Nature’s Fury
Would Go Calmly
What Did You Think!

Well Obviously Someone
Didn’t Think It All The Way Through

And There’s Those Lingering
Words Of Poetic Wisdom

An Outer Shell
Of Flawed Immaculate
Exposed To The
Slow Bane
Of The Dirge Of Flesh
Weakening The Soul
A Radiant Frenzy
Trying To Cover It All

Going into work the next day
With a Mannequin Smile

And Going Through Your Mind
He Or She Will Regret It

And When
You Return
Will You
Watch Me
From The
Side Lines
And Think
“You Know
There Was Something
About Her Or Him
That Stayed With Me”

The Fifth Sufferer Of Love…..

And If It Was Just A Summer Fling…

It Was
That Long Summer Song
Now Gone
It Was The
Size Of His/Her Long Awaited Heart
Summer’s Don’t
Last That Long

Still Reminiscing The Summer Fling

Friends Might Have Said
Or Whispered

Well It Was Obvious To Me
It Was A
Blooming Rose Of Doom
Passion Will Only
Take You So Far
There Has To Be
A Meeting Of The Minds

All Those Still Cozy
Not Sleeping Alone

The Sixth Sufferer Of Love…………

Then There’s Your Wicked Mind….

It’s Wicked
Isn’t it?
Memory’s Curse

There Are Few
Out There
Who Will Help You
Mend A Broken Fence
But Only Help You
To Build A Wall
Of Defense

Terrible Thinking At This Point…….

Offering Yourself Advice……..

Gilded Are
The Hearts
Of Specious
A Long Journey
Of Suffering
Preserve your
Hearts Longing
Sustain In
The Present
And Breathe!

Reading In Some
Novel These Words….

A Clash Of Minds
Spiraling Down
Time Is The Pain Killer
For Broken Hearted
Long Past Bye For Now
Broken Untamed Spirits
Never Stay Long
It Is A New Day!

So Get Over It
And Get On With It!……

Remember Even
Lust Has A Lifespan….

The Seventh Sufferer Of Love……

A Posting On Social Network
Still Mending……

The Last Thought Of You
Still Does Not Escape Me
When It Does
I’ll Know My Heart
Is Mending
I’ll Never Place
Such Blind Trust
On Someone The Likes Of You


The Lesson Of How Deep
Such Pain Can Cost
Annihilation Of You
When Once Your Heart
Felt Deeply For Me
I Must Heal
For Self Preservation

More Words To Convince Yourself
And Throw In The Towel
Sort of Speak……

The Affinity
Of Our Attraction
Now Joining The Rest
Flowing Down
A Murky River
It’s The Last
Of Our Affection
Turned Into A Dry Mud

Now Dull and Lifeless, No Sunshine,
No Alchemy Can Bring
This Back To Life

Whatever it was lust, fling, fantasy,
But Not Love

But There Is Hope Always As Long As Your Alive

Hoping To Flourish
Once Again
Never To Assume Again
Regaining My Composure
Twist Into A Happy Fate
Leaving All This
To Trail Behind
And Start Anew

And I Leave You With
These Last Words

Every Craving Born
Has A Lifespan
Once Lived
And/Or Experienced
It Loses It’s
Needless To Say
We Keep Craving

For Love!

Not Every Verse
Will Strike A Cord
Not Every Word
Has Deep Feeling
But Three Letters In A Verse
Speaks To Many
ILY ~ Nat

© Natalie Keshing