She Carried The Secret
Not Knowingly
Wearing The Dresses
Of A Princess
But Not A Princess
Her Hair Was Dark
Ringlets Of Curls
Her Little Self
Was Prepared
To Strike And Defy
The Lycanthropic
Silver Wolf With
Blood Shot Red Eyes
Who Came By
The Black Angels Eye
It Seemed
Only Too Real
To Watch These Two
Want to Kill Each Other
She Had The Mind Set
Of A Prisoner
Believing In God
Was By Her Side
But Now A Woman
“I Survived
What I Survived
I Was Resilient
And Purposely Me”
Even Proud
To Be A Mess
Only To Take
The Value
And Damning The Rest
Their Nefarious
Narcissistic Performances
And Skillsets
Who Were They
A Fallacy
Only Intending
To Show How Kind Heart
They Were Not
Now I Think
Of All The Verses
Clearly All Experienced
From The Stepping Stones To A
New Life
Oh It Was More
Than 6 Minutes
X A Billion
The Poisenberry
She Thought Of
Nameless & Silent
Was She
Eating a Succulent
Sweet Plum
In Her Trembling Hands
And Tender Yearnings
For A Better Life
Than This
Expressly Forbidden
Not To Tell The Truth
Broken Open
Were The Flood Gates
In Her Mind
She Started To Remember
Smells, Tastes, Sounds
Seasons Change
& Relived It All
At Last The Woman
She Became
Defied Them All
But It Wasn’t
The Last Chapter
Far From It

TY ~ Verses ~ ©Natalie Keshing