The Keshing Family

Miranda, Was The Glue
The Advisor
The Seasoned Negotiator
By Far The Passionate One

Until Aubrey Came
Then She Was Undeniable
The Fast One
She Would Read Something
Closed The Book And Recited
Almost Word For Word
She Negotiated For Us
To Have More Fun

Mother Watched Her
With A Careful Eye
When Aubrey Had
Convinced Herself
That She Was
In Love At Sixteen
An Arguement Ensued
Oh It Was Bad
“The Arguement”

Mother Said,
“What Do You
Think Your
Father Fell In Love With First
It Was My Mind,
All The Other
Stuff Was
An Added Bonus”

Your Mind Needs To Grow
Especially Mature
Your Schooling and Intelligence
Will Take You The Farthest
In This World
This Is The Way
You Survive In The
“Real World”
Mother Said To
Aubrey and I Suppose Me
“We Can’t Always Think
In Terms Of Being In Love
If We Did, Nothing Would
Get Accomplished”
Well, That Did Make
A Lot Of Sense To Me

Mother Was Also
The Disciplinary One
As You Probably Guessed
If We Tried To Be Smarter
Than Her, Which Was Often
As We Grew And Wanted
To Establish Our Own Identity,
A Single Entity
And Not An Appendage
Aubrey Would Grab
My Hand And Say
“There’s Another Way
To Handle This”
Then We Would Go To
Father And Ask
His Response And
Answer Was
“I Stand By Your Mother’s Word”

Then Aubrey Would Say
“Yes, Well That’s
All Well And Good.
We Are Asking For
Your Opinion, Father.
You Do Have An Opinion
Don’t You Father?

Father Responded
“What Is It Your Asking?”
“Natalie and I Have
Been Invited To
A Slumber Party
At One Of Our
Dear Friends Homes.
It’s Emily. You Remember
Father Dropping
Us Off At School
You Met Emily

“Yes, A Friendly Girl.”

“But Natalie and I Can’t Get
A Word In Edge Wise
Without Mother
Vetoing And Saying
This Is Not Open
For Discussion.”

“Father There Is
Some Leverage
Here To Discuss
With Mother.
Remember When
Mother Said,
“They’ll Not Learn
A Thing
If You Choose
To Shelter Them”
Well, This Is The
Appropriate Time
To Bring This Up
With Mother.”

“Yes, You’re exactly right.
Girls, I will go speak
With Your Mother Now.”

Aubrey said,
“Hurry Lets Go
Pack Our Night Bags.”

Mother Knocks
At Our Door,
And Enters With
The Great News
“Your Father and I
Have Discussed
Your Request
To Sleep At Emily’s
Home. We Will Take
You There And We Wish
To Introduce Ourselves
To Emily’s Parents
And If I Feel You
Shouldn’t Stay
That Will Be My Final Word.
Do You Understand Me?”

We Smiled And Nodded.
On Our Way
Cozy And Warm
In The Car.
Mother Said,
“One Of You Shows
Great Talent
To Be A Lawyer
In Negotiations.”
Aubrey Looked
At Me And Smiled

Aubrey And I
Loved Our Parents
A Great Deal. And There
Wasn’t A Dull Moment
In Our Family. Mother
Made Sure Of That.

On Holiday In The Suite
Aubrey and I Were Playing
An Intense Game Of Chess
The Ocean Was Beautiful and Humming In The Background
Mother Said,
“Your Father And I Need A Nap.”
Aubrey Blurted Out
“It’s Not A Nap
It’s Doing The Passion Thing”
Mother Ignored The
Comment and Left
Humming To Her Yourself.

“You See Natalie
That’s The Proof
When She’s Humming.”

That Reminded Me
Mother Usually Came In
Humming For Breakfast.
Aubrey Would Ask
To Earn Her Kudos
“Did You Sleep Well Mother?”

“Completely and Utterly Fantastic.”

Other Times
Coming Into The Kitchen
Looking Like The Host Of A Party
On A Normal Day
Mother Said To Us
“Inspired Till My Bones Decay”

Mother Had Dreamed
Of Becoming A Writer
And So She Became One
Under Her Alias
Of Course
She Thought Long
And Hard Before
She Chose The
Name She Felt
Was The Most
“Eve Nightingale”

I Said To Mother and Aubrey
Mother That’s A Fantasic Name
First Eve Represents
The Name Of The First Woman
To Cast Her Temptations
To Catch A Man

“And Not Just Any Man
Mind You”, Mother Added

Then The Second Name
Comes From A Migratory Bird
In The Thrush Family
Luscinia Megarhynchos
Of Europe
Noted For The Melodious
Song Of The Male
Chiefly Sung At Night
During The Breeding Season
“Adam Calling Eve”

Exactly My Darlings
I Want To Write About Love

That Certain Love
That Is Found And Fulfills
Something Deep Within You
More Than An Itch To Scratch
More Than A Conquest To Conquer
More Than One Night
Of Empty Passion
And so on and so on and so forth…..
Girls These Our My First Words
That Lead To This Kind Of Love
These Are Excerpts I Shall
Read To You Now Girls

I’ll Not Go To The Clearing
If You Can’t Promise Me
You’ll Be There
Yes, I Know It Isn’t Easy For You
As It Isn’t For Me

We Set Sail
Our Love
Without Meaning 2
Waves Of Desire
Came Over Me
To Hold You
To Be With You
A Winds Shift
Of Emotions
Took Over Me
And Now I Am Yours

He Came
Just As I Asked
Gliding Towards Me
In The Chariot With The Sun
Shining On His Face,
His Hair, His Lips
I Had Only Tasted Once
But I Knew

Were We Destined
Was It Fate
Was It The Gods
Who Brought Us Together
And Now It’s Practically
Impossible To Relinquish
And Deny Our Love
For Each Other

Complimenting Each Other
He She
She Him
Intellectually Compatible
Passionately Irresistible
Compassionately Giving
Time, Happily Going By
Eve Nightingale

Shimmering Moments
Keep Us Wanting More
A Kiss, A Night,
The Moon, The Stars,
A Heart, A Poem, A Book,
A Mind Causing
A Dizzying Succession
Of Deep Feeling Wanting More

Good Night
And Marvel
In The Presence Of Everything

~ Thank You ~ Nat

© Natalie Keshing