His name sounds like someone from a famous book, a story worth telling, and it is. Sumner Redstone at 92, a man that has been driven from the very start to turn his father’s theater business into a content-producing powerhouse that would eventually include Viacom, CBS, and Paramount Pictures.

A lot of power and wealth leading this industries history. This industry of pure content in thought transmitted through media, news, and entertainment streaming through thousands of cable channels reaching, involving, and affecting our lives.

Never before then in today’s media and social media platforms have we communicated more. Reaching anyone half way around the world. We are depended and based on our knowledge that travels through fiber optic’s transmitting lines from computer servers to us, keeping us informed and invested in our livelihood.

So much a part of our lives, we couldn’t tolerate a stagnant non-informed society without it’s engine running the world socially, economically, and cosmically. Everything that we are is made of this universe. Evolution to the very present moment in our lives, in our generation, in our reality.

But this story goes beyond Mr. Redstone’s initial vision, involving who is ultimately left in charge now that Mr. Redstone was becoming chairman emeritus affecting who will ultimately stay in charge at Viacom and CBS.

It was decided through Viacom Inc’s board of directors named CEO Mr. Philippe Dauman replacing Mr. Sumner as executive chairman, overriding calls for an independent board chief from Mr. Redstone’s daughter, who voted against Dauman.

Also CBS CEO Leslie Moonves replaced Mr. Redstone’s executive chairman position at CBS.

Through Mr. Redstone’s vision and participation as executive chairman for both companies everything was running under a common goal. Now Mr. Dauman and Mr. Moonves are placed as dividing adversaries.

Also through news Variety, Mr. Redstone’s family dynamics has been exposed and played out like a family drama involving pugilism in the legal boxing arena disputing over Mr. Redstone’s mental competency.

It is a harsh reality for the family of Mr. Redstone to face this degradation of health and mental competency without the opposition of Mr. Redstone’s former life companion making it extremely more difficult.

In a perfect world we want for everyone to come to their objective senses and get along for the common good. In this case for Mr. Redstone’s family and the future of these dynamic industries Viacom and CBS providing not only content of thought but thousands of jobs for all those working for Viacom and CBS. I’m sure Mr. Redstone’s daughter Shari Redstone is very proud of her father’s legacy.

~ Natalie Keshing