Resiliently We Rise

I have written my first novel “Resilience In Curls” by Natalie Keshing and is truly an inspiring story. It’s a unique novel about a true heroic story. Written with verses to heighten and enlighten the reader’s experience. There are nine wonderful delightful short stories, five British, three contemporary. I am a person of immense will power I have faced some serious challenges in my life starting from the age four. But I rose resiliently. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Math. I worked in a highly technical area called the Proton Storage Ring at Los Alamos Nat’l Laboratory where I awarded a staff member position based on my merit of high achievement. I went on to have a career in the IT world of databases as a consultant in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles CA. My hobbies are reading, writing (which I love), painting, and playing the piano (where I have taught myself).