The Queen Was In
Her Solitary Room
No One Dared To
Interrupt Her

What Was She Thinking?

Her Days Of Finding
True Love
Telling Him
There Never Was
A You and I
I KeptSaying1MoreTry

And Now Look We’re Married
And Your Terribly Relaxed.

Well, Let Me Tell You How It Is
The Blocked Exit
Is In Your Mind
You Keep Blocking
And Exiting

When There’s One Fire After
Another And You Aren’t Helping

How Am I Supposed To
Build an Empire and
Be A Queen
Worried About This and That

And I’ll Tell You Another Thing

I’m Not Worried
About The Judgement
In Purgatory
Nor Worried About
The Judgement Of Fools
I’m More Worried About
How It Was To Be This Way
& Not That Way  “The Suffering”

Oh Sure

You Can Lap In Luxury
Treading The Warm Water
The Sun Tanning Your Skin
With Your Mind Just Laying There
So Relaxed, So Endless
Not To Think

Well I Want That Very Same
Luxury “Not To Think!”

Then On Top of All This Our Daughters
Heart Is Breaking

I Said To Her

It Is The Hardest
Thing 2 Do, My Love
When Someone
Doesn’t Love You
You Turn The Other Cheek
& Ask
But Why?
The Answer Is
You Tried Your Best
Now Rest My Love

Then She Cries More

I Said To Her
I Can Tell You This
I’ve Had My Days
Of Melancholy Sadness
Does It Seem Like
The World Is Ending?
Yes, It Does
But We Must
Get Passed It

And She Continues To Cry More

Then Your Mother Asks
The Silliest Thing.

Was It Made Of
Paper The Crown?

Then She Saids

“I Suppose It Was
I Was Voted Sweetheart Queen
I Looked
Quite Fetchingly
I Was The Mystery Queen”

Well, How Am I Supposed To
Respond To That?
Of Course I Have Asked For
The Best Doctors To Come
And See Her.

And Not Just Look At Her
But Diagnose Her.

Is She Losing Her Mind
Or Am I?

Then I Asked My Mother’s Advice
Regarding That Evergreen Issue
That Constantly Grows

Mother Said
I Remember
Telling You Father
“If You Can’t Win Them With Words
Then Take Out The Honey”

Then She Asks Me

“Do We Need To Put
On Another Spread
For Our Constituents?”

And I Thought
About It
And She Was Right
It Wouldn’t Hurt
And I Refuse To Have
Your Mother There
Asking About
The Paper Crown!

Is that all you can ask?

Patronizing Me
“Is There Anything More Dear?”

“Of Course There’s More
It’s Only The Beginning of The Week!”

What Did You Say?

Dear, I Plan To Grow
And Prosper
They Have Asked Me “But How?”
Well, With Focus and Perseverance
No Fear
Just Sheer Delight
And I Continue To Writie
“I’m In Love” Dear
With Poetry

You can’t be serious?

But I Am Dear
Shh Listen, Listen To This One

She Was An Endless
Ball of Fire and Sparks
She Is The Better Half Of Me
She Knows Me ~ The King

Now I have Something!
And  It Is Something!
That Came My Way
Now I Won’t Fantasize
About You and I
In Once Upon A Time

Not Being The King and Queen.

A Poem Of Verses Two~
©Natalie Keshing