Samantha had
A Critical Eye
As Editor and Chief
Of “Finesse”
There Were Those
Who Couldn’t
Look At Her
In The Eye
She Was Stoic
Rarely Smiled
While Everyone Else
Was Scrambling About
To Get The Next
Month’s Edition Out
She Maintained
Her Cool
But Was Entertained
With All The Chaos
During the Week

Jacqueline Was
Was A Very Clever Girl
And Therefore
Not Afraid
Of Samantha
She Was The
Little Wizzard
With Thick Glasses
To Get Things Done
Not Scrambling About
Like Everyone Else
They Called Her
“Teacher’s Pet”
Yes The Jelousy
Led To All The
Petty Gossip

In The Coffee Lounge
Jacqueline would walk in
Everyone Would Turn Quiet
Before She Left
She Would Say
In Her British Accent

“It’s Best You Should
All Get On With It,
Instead Of Talking
About Me, Good Day”

Monday Morning
Not A Soul Would
Dream Of Being Late
To Samantha’s
Staff Meetings
Samantha would say

“Good Morning To All Of You
I’ve Decided To Include
A Piece Tilted
“Weddings Extraordinare”
I had the privilege
Of attending
Mr. Strump’s Daughter’s
Wedding. Jeffrey
was there taking
many good photographs
to include with this piece”

“In front of you is a copy of
“Martha’s Realistic Dreams”
They Covered a
wedding piece as well.
Each of you have copies
in front of you.
Please turn to page 101.
This was an unfortunate
mistake to write such a thing.”

So Many
Start With Debt
For The Big
“Commitment” Day
The Priceless
Wedding Dresses
Costing A Small Fortune
Just Four One Day!!!

This kind of writing turns off our
readers. Not To mention
The Bride and Groom on their wedding night. (Giggling for just two seconds)

We are a unique team
here at “Finesse”
We are all, a well paid staff and
“Martha’s Realistic Dreams”
is just that.

We should pay special
attention to the romanticism
of this piece.

As we all love Wendy’s Poetry
I’d like to use her poem titled
“Inspired By Kuishel’s Dart”

There Is No Fulfillment
Any Sweeter Then
Prolonging The Desire
To Taste The Very
Sweetness Of LIfe

Take this poem and include it.

“Please Try To Have A Great Day
Then all this should lead to a Great Edition for this month at “Finesse”.

That night in her elegant living room. Samantha removed her heels. Warmed her food in the microwave having a glass of wine. She sat on her plush Champaign queen sofa. Minsy her Persian cat jumping up purring for attention.

“Yes, Minsy it’s just you and I now. They’ve all abandoned ship just when things could have been better as husband and wife attending our daughters wedding.”

Then her thoughts wondered off

The Stolen Years
Was All That
Was Left of Her
A Negative Bank
Of Emotions
The Love Went
Luke Warm
Into Thin Air
It’s Best
To Put It
All Behind You

And so she did most of the time. Until she came home feeling alone, not lonely that was different. Her and George were now apart. Of course she missed his company. Thinking he must be tickled pink in his sailboat.

As He Called Her
He Lifted Her Sails
And They Set Sail
Glass of his favorite
Wine in his
Big Hands
The Sea Was In A
Delightful Mood
Mermaids Surrounding Him
Dolphins Joining In
He in Sweetheart’s Peace
His Peace

Thinking to herself….


The next day at her desk she had a plague that said.

“Anything Challenging
Is Worth Writing”

That was her motto and philosophy.
Someone had left her a copy of a new book titled

“Possibly Right Up My Alley”
~ The Alley Cat”

There were great reviews on how the book affected people lives wanting to start a new life. Maybe she should think about that as George and other friends did.

Then she remembered her and George saying to each other

He Said
Your Mind Will
Engulf Mine
She Said
Your Mind
Inspire Mine

And that It did. They had fallen in love Took the years to establish a wonderful life. They would never join most of their friends who were now venturing out in hopes for a more fulfilled life. They didn’t think of growing apart in different directions. But then who does on that beautiful day, your wedding day.

Then she recalled meeting that well established executive. Sitting across the table from her. He seemed very sure of himself. They danced twice at the wedding she attended for a friend. She remembered some of the old feelings she had forgotten or tucked away. Even daydreaming and fantasizing.

Tucked Within Her Mind
Of Fantasy
She Allowed Herself
More Than
To Steal A Glance
Just Two Of Them
Barefoot, Holding Hands
Along The Shore

She thought about this and even a stolen kiss when suddenly Jacqueline comes bursting in and saying

Ruthless Sensationalism
Mockery Of Injustice
Propaganda Sinking
Their Greedy Teeth
Just For A Story To Sell
Their Leeches
Of The Worst Kind

The NY Times had had a not so favorable review of one of the articles of the magazine.

There it is Samantha read it…

Cool and lanquidly she picked up her glasses and read silently for 1 minute. She said, my dear they are genius. All the negative review for one single story will bring in the most sales for this month.

Jacqueline thought, Did Samantha Do this purposely, “Was She The Genius”

Samantha removed her glasses and winked an eye to Jacqueline….

“You’ll learn darling all the tricks of the trade” Samantha said.

Then Stephanie called saying a Mr. Dubois was calling.

It was him this excited her.

Hello Samantha speaking. Yes, I did to. How kind of you say. Oh I love the opera this Friday at 6:00. Yes dinner would be lovely. Alright I’ll see you then. With the custom pen in her long fingers she played with it thinking of Wendy’s very insightful poem.

Undressed Thoughts
Desire Immortalizing
My Soul
Naked Emotions
Laying At Ur Feet
The Thrust U Speak Of
The Sigh I Will Return
Passion Once More

Yes, perhaps passion once more.

That week hardly anyone could recognize her. She was geedy and playful thinking

Who Is This
In My Mind
The Other
Who Took
Over Me
It Wasn’t Planned
This Way
It Just Came
Into Being
Now Looking
Back Perhaps This
Was Meant
To Be

And something more!

There Came A Time
That Neither Could Refrain
From The Tempation Of Desire
First Imagined
The Whisper Of Unlaced Dreams
Now The Lace
Lay On The Floor

Stephanie came in asking “The Usual Samantha?”

No Stephanie I need to stretch my legs I’ll walk down what would you like dear?
Their Espresso Grande It is. At

Cafe Of Happiness
Sweet Smells
Of Breakfast Treats
Temptation and Hunger Growling
Aroma Of Hot Hazelnut Coffee
A Cream Filled Croissant
She was Happy

Yes one Espresso Grande and a Large Hazelnut Late and 12 cream filled croissants.

What got into her at the Cafe of Happiness….

It was a wonderful week at the magazine. Friday came with the snap of her fingers looking forward to dinner and the opera. She wore a black dress accentuating all her womanly curves She was toned from top to bottom she thanked running, swimming and pilates for this.

They sat across from each other at dinner. He was more than she imagined him to be.

They started dating leaving the last scene of the two of them at a swanky bar he sitting next to her

He Asked
Press Your Lips
Then He Traced His Finger
Along Her Lips
His Lips Came
Within 1/2 Inch
From Hers
She Could Feel His Breath
He Kissed her
And she realized life is pretty darn good.

© Natalie Keshing

Thank you to the Verses
And Especially Writers, Authors, and poets that always inspire our words.