She Spawned
The Poem Of Verses Three
To Show
There Was Light
For Everyone
Not To Only Imagine and See

But More
Importantly To Feel ~ It Starts

She Remembers
Their First Night Together
His Dark Hair and Hers
His Green Eyes
And Hers Dark Brown

Clasped In Each Other’s Arms
She Said
Do You Remember
On That
Frigid Night
How You Held Me?

The Ubiquitous
Of Iridescent Stars
Shined On Our Naked Souls
It Was A Gapeseed
On An Icy Moon
We Were Just Enjoying, Smiling
And All The Rest…

I Remember I Was Writing Poetry
While You Were Writing
Your First Novel

I Was Drinking Hot Coffee
From My Favorite Cup
You Bought Me
It Said

“It Is What It Is” Rose

I Remember You Saying
Life Can Be Nothing More Or
Even Less
But For Now
It’s Just Right
For You and I Rose

I talked to you about
Signing up for that
Poetry Class
I Remember Saying
I AmTheRawestMaterial
InThis Community
Of Poets
I Need To Find My Way
Not Stepping On Toes
Not Offending
Just Writing
Till My Hearts Content
I Was Just
A Normal Poetry Writer
I Can’t Always
Think In Terms Of
Reciting Poetically
Just A Normal Woman
Now In Their Poetic Realm
Still Feeling
Even Our Life
Was Poetry
You Held Me Close To You
In Those Silk & Expensive Sheets
Of 700 Thread Count
Saying To Me

“Oh Rose
You Are
By Far
Much More
Than Normal
To Me”…

Yes, I Remember Rose

It Was Our First Christmas
And You Said
“Go Inside Rose
Please, For Me And The Baby”
I Was Carrying

The Lights You Hung
Appeared Like
Scarlet Stars
On A White Tree
Falling Helplessly
And My Happy Face
So Happy Watching You
And Then Yearning For You…
Waiting Till You Walked
In That Door
Giving You The Look…
What Look?
You Know What Look!

Give It To Me Again
Right Now. (They Both Laugh)

You Know What I Remember
Visiting Your Grandmother
That Christmas Eve
She Asked
Speaking To Your Grandfather
As If He Were Still Alive
60 Years Of Marriage
&ThenDecline Or

“IThink.. EitherWayRose”

And You Landed Up With
Another Rose My Name And
Your Grandmothers

I Remember Your First Poem

Love, Passion, & Desire
Blue Words
& Loneliness
Still With A Golden Edge
It’s All A Part Of Life
Yours And Mine

And Your First Book

“The Incurable Romantic”
Of Course A Manuscript
I Remember
The Editor
“Oh Not Another One”
But With A Twist!!!

Thank you


And Especially
The Community Of Poets
~ ©Natalie Keshing