She Was A Mess

Why Had She
Taken The Bait
Who Knows

It Was Supposed
To Be A
Love Story
Or So She Thought

Now Playing
One Dangerous Game
With Another

A Surreptitious Glance
Turned Into
A Torrid Affair
Now Clandestine and Destructive

Could It Be
That She Felt
She Was

Trapped In Darkness
Where No Light
Herself…Had Seen
Better Days and Nights
Better Thoughts
When The Moon
Was Bright
And Just Heavenly
All To Herself
She Remembers

Then The Dream of Him
Haunting Her
Always In Sleep

Describing To Her Therapist
It Was Just a

Blanket Of
Dark Clouds
I Was Barefooted
Running Out
The Backdoor
Away From Him With
Tremulous Fear
In My Veins
In The Green Forest Again
A Gossamer Of Stickiness
I Was Trapped On A Web

And I Screamed

Shocked Awake

“Susan your alright
Your Here With Me”

“I Don’t Know What To Say Or Do
I Trust No One”

I’ve Touched Few Men
In This Life
But Those Who Gave
Were From Their Heart

I Thought He Was The Same

They All Knew
My Love Of Song And Dance
Like A Wild Stallion
I Chose To Remain and Be Free
But Not This Time
I Wanted Him Bad

But It Was The Way He Moved Me
And Spoke So Eloquently
So Convincingly
I Was a Bottomless Pit
For All His Charm
He Was So Charismatic

I Remember The Words
He Started With

“The Equations
Of Science and Mathematics
Has Served Us Well
We Live In Societies
Where The Knowledge And
Artistic Ways Knew Our Vision”

It Was The Desperation
Of Wanting More
It Was There Then
But Not Now
I’m Happy Just To Be Alive

And You’re Worlds Apart
If The Love Is Not There
For One Or The Other

At Times
I Was Exhausted
He Appeared
To Be Innocuous
Initially Enthralled
By His Individuality
Yet At Times He Was Remissive
Then He’d Manage
To Make Me Feel Guilty
To Stay With Him
I’d Slump Back
Morose and Asking

Then I Finally Realized
Saying To Myself
And Finally To Him

It’s All To
You Remind Me

No Love
Is Worth
Your Sanity

No Love
Is Worth
A Broken Heart

No Love
Isn’t Love
If I’m Constantly
Him and I
And This Mess

“Susan, Listen To Me”

It’s The One Thing We Do
Pretend That The Other
Doesn’t Exist Anymore
When We Break Up
It’s Only Normal


I Think I Have
Guardian Angels
Watching Over Me
Guiding Me
I Guess They Know
How I Depend On Them
For Taking Me
Under Their Wing

In This Whole Mess
I Involved Myself In
Now Under Witness Protection

I Just Had To Know
Who Was He?

I Followed Him That Day
So Scared
To The Pub He Owned
He Had All These
Reputable Businesses
Friends In High Places
And You Would Never
Dream That This Existed

But My Instincts Never Lied
I Just Didn’t Listen To Them

This Time

Now I Say To Myself

The Remnants
The Words
The Last Pieces
Of You
Out There Has
To Be Better
Than This

Poem Of Verses Four ~ Nat
Thank you to the Verses
Especially To The
Community Of Great
Poets and Writers
©~Natalie Keshing