Promoting music for thoughts of irresistible light ~ Natalie Keshing


She held the irresistible light

Somewhere in he’s past

She stayed behind

Now in his memory

She Was ~ Wasn’t she?

Filled with a heavenly beautiful light

Unique and loving she remained in the back of his mind

His words “Soon you’ll leave the ordinary behind”

Now the past coming forward

He came and presented only a heavenly part of him

She, being she, as sweet and passionate as an angel could be

Only to willing to make him feel like he was the one casting his veil of a spell on her

No instant gratification

Words alone ~ had to suffice

But this tender intention would soon fall by the wayside

Lesson learned, to stay free and clear of one’s like him

He’s a chaser and that keeps him at bay and maybe half alive

Words that haunt her, if only not said

But one day you’ll think of this angel

And maybe put it to rest for another day

I am only me and I haven’t changed the best part of me

For I know heaven as you so willingly wanted to experience for one day with me

But I’m free ~ only to be me

NOW listen my man of the past

I found him the one who has been so willing

To know and accept all of me

And fulfill me; lovingly

Grant you, your words I wanted to know in a passing frisson of daylight

But a muse, hardly ~ I wasn’t willing to fulfill just for one night

All my magical whims were destined to help me through this one passing day ~ Good Day,
Good Night, Good Bye.

I will continue to glow in my irresistible light. ©Natalie Keshing