This is a result of sharing the concept of living a more authentic life. I am a big believer in the power of now. Now in this very moment. I’m not going to lie and say that I have mastered this crucial part and technique of my life but it is essential to my well being. Because it does take willfully practicing to repeat this exercise and get better doing it. If you take 5 minutes out of your day to practice this you will start to see the difference. The other side of this coin is to try to stop the chaos in your life and breath and especially in your very present take the time to notice your environment completely with no labeling of names or objects, just merely observing and acknowledging all that exists around you. This has been a very important exercise and a new way of thinking when I was in the darkest place facing some health challenges.

I like to begin with and say doubt yourself less and love yourself incredibly. We are innately spiritually driven as human beings. One of my favorite exercises that I made up during my hypnosis meditation sessions was the following:

When you are feeling overloaded with the responsibilities of life there is a way to calm your nerves, start to breathe and refocus. If you can stop whatever you are doing and I realize if you are in an office setting this may be difficult, but perhaps you can take 10 minutes for yourself because you deserve this.

Go outside and sit in a quiet space. Or if at home you may have a favorite chair, sofa, or chaise to sit or lay on. Preferably be alone just for a few minutes. Sit or lie down and start to breathe; now starting from your face relax the muscles in your eyelids, mouth, and your jaw. Let this travel to your shoulders, arms, hands, and your core. Go limp in all your extremities. Imagine all your organs relaxing and perfectly functioning. Now relax your back, your legs, your torso, and your feet. This is the important part imagine yourself going outside of your body. A transparency of yourself looking at yourself sitting or laying down. Take a good look at yourself. What you are wearing, your hair, eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, neck, shoulders and the rest of your body to your feet. Your only thought should be on observing yourself. You are now out of your mind (with no pun intended) and your thoughts should decrease to zero. This is also important to think of the number Zero (0). See it’s round shape. Breathe deep, inhale, and exhale. When you feel calm and re-centered then proceed with the rest of your day. The more you practice this the more you start to live in the power of now and refocus (shift) your mind to be still. You could practice this a number of times a day. I’ve practiced it while running. Where I concentrate on being completely relaxed in my mind. Separating my mind from my body. Yes my body is moving forward and I can see my legs running forward but my mind is separate from the rest of my body. This also helps me to run a longer distance. I tire less, have more stamina, and feel perfectly focused.

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