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Don’t Make Me Do It

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Don’t make me do it! Am I going to have to write consistently and constantly about Mr. Donald Trump who is not failing us with his rhetoric, mind/thought processing, and his actions. Ten things that surprised us about Mr. Trump.

1) He’s really himself; not like an ordinary rich person.👍

2) He loves the cameras almost […]

Trump jumps over the wall

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Oh Mr. Trump you are quite unique. Areal helicopters making this into a reality movie. Jumping over and down from your first wall. And to think this is only the beginning of your legacy. Stay tune for more from Mr. Trump.

Once in the convention center like a secret agent or President 007 he said, “I […]


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This child see’s his mother for the first time and it is unbelievably beautiful. 
A mother’s love. A child’s smile. 


Daily Thought 04/30/16

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“There are signs all over continue on your journey. But most of all love incrediably.” 

© Natalie Keshing 

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Today’s Thought 4/30/2016

I have a heart for the world 
Tengo un corazón para el mundo 
J’ai un cœur pour le monde
Ho un cuore per il mondo
© Natalie Keshing 

Feeling The Heat From Protestors

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Just In Demonstrators storm Burlingame, California GOP convention to protest against Mr. Trump – CNNPolitics.com

People are scared and that is why people are reacting. Their thinking that their lives are going to change and they won’t be able to continue with the American dream. Meanwhile Mr. Trump came in the back way with areal helicopters […]

What If? Mr. Trump (Updated)

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I read this, this morning: If Democrats used GOP rules, Clinton’s delegate lead would triple: http://aol.it/1r2cPeO

Natalie Keshing: Continuing with the “What If” scenarios for the Democratic party adopting the “The Rules” from the Republican party. I wasn’t too impressed with “The Rules” to begin with and neither was Mr. Trump.


“What If” Mr. Trump asked Mr. […]

Daily Thought 4/29/16

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“Exploring all paths on this journey, inspiried to touch others. The human existence; to create, to share and ultimately feel. If you’re looking forward to tomorrow then you know you are in the right place in the present.” ©Natalie Keshing 

The Ladies 

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🎨 Courtesy to the Moon, Twilight – Georges-Marie-Julien Girardot (1890)🎨 Beauty In Art 🌍 At @HistoricArtPage on Twitter.

The ladies had come home for a visit. Elaine suggested they walk by the lilies pond. They were in deep conversation, each of them describing their part of life. Elaine was now a doctor. Something she had dreamed […]