Here was the new Queen though fairly young she was already proving to be more than they hoped for. Oh she was fiery and independent.

That afternoon she said to her trustee court assistants. 

“I Don’t Care About The Members Of
The Court and Their Menial Minds
Only I Can Decide.”
There Was Complete Silence
Two Were Conspiring Her Coup d’Etat

Later that evening they had prepared the frail opaque Queen to look her best for the visit from the Prince of Spain. He was really sizing her up. He had hoped she was demure and delightful.

“Una Mujer Flaca Nenesesita A Comer” Said the Prince of Spain at dinner.
“What Did He Say?”, asked the Queen.
“Your Majesty He, He…”
“Why Are You Stuttering Say It.” asked the Queen.
“He Said, You Are Thin And Should Eat More.”

Stoically while her temper was rising looking directly at The Prince’s Eyes
“Tell Him I Eat Plenty.”
“He Should Pay More Attention In Pleasing Me.”
“Afterall That Is What His Visit Is For.” said the Queen.

© Natalie Keshing