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The Darkest of Night 1 Screenplay

By |February 12th, 2016

The Darkest of Night

The opening music to accompany this movie. Here is the first song.


The Darkest Of Night
And Still No Clues
After 14 Days
The Panic Was Uncontrollable
Three Separate Ghastly Scenes

Scene 1

At 2100 Sunnyview the McAllisters were
enjoying a late and light dinner.
Just a spinach salad and green beans.

James had played a day of Gulf with Hatfield.

Elaine was putting together the invitations for another big party event to donate to another needy cause for mothers with children who needed a safe haven from domestic abuse.

James was reading the New York Times while drinking his coffee.

“James you look flushed.” said Elaine

“Oh, It’s just from the sun playing gulf today.” replied James.

“How are you feeling my darling?” asked James.

“I had a better day today. I slept well last night and that always helps.”

“Are you finished? I’ll clear the dishes and the table?” asked Elaine.

“Yes, I am.”

Ding Dong The doorbell rang.

“James are you expecting anyone?”

“No I’m not. I wonder how they got through the security gate.”

“Don’t open the door James.”

James went to the door and looked outside through the window on the left side. Then the doorbell rang again.

He checked again and he thought he recognized the man because of his height. He thought it was Hatfield. He opened the door.

The guy came bursting in throwing James to the floor. He was wearing all black including a black mask. The voice not was identifiable to James.

On the floor the intruder grabbed James immediately and placed a wire around his neck and tightened it hard.

“Now I need you to remain calm or I will kill you. Do you understand me. Give me your hands. He tied James wrists behind his back with plastic ties.”

“James is everything alright?” Asked Elaine

“Tell her yes!”

“Yes Elaine.” James was scared and out of breath. He was trying to think fast.

“You sit right there and listen. Ok? Because now you deserve to listen.”

He went into the kitchen and grabbed Elaine by her throat. He had very large hands and was very tall and big.

Elaine froze with shock immediately she started shaking with the adrenaline so high her heart was beating faster than she had ever experienced. She was so scared.

“Where’s my husband?” she screamed?

He mocked her in a wimpy crying voice repeating what she said.

“Where’s My Husband?”

Then he tied her hands behind her back with plastic ties. He pushed her outside the kitchen door and she fell almost in front of James sitting there on a chair.

“Elaine are you alright?” asked James.

“Yes!” But there was an awful fear in the pit of her stomach.

“Not for long!” said the intruder.

He picked up Elaine like she was a rag doll. They climbed the half circular staircase.

He asked her, “Which is your master suite Elaine?

“There on your right.” Elaine was already crying.

He dragged her in and threw her on the bed taking a rope and tying her legs to each of the bed posts.

“Now it’s hubby’s turn to watch.”

He went downstairs and looked around, angering him more.

“Where are you James, you’ve been really bad and your going to pay for this.”

He found James in the study on the floor, his back leaned against his desk out of breath. He couldn’t get the gun. But he should have made another choice. Closed and locked the door and called the police. All he had to do was press zero.

“Now what were you looking for? I think I have an idea. It wasn’t your wife because she’s already upstairs waiting for us James. Shall we find out and see.”

He started opening the drawers of the desk fast and slamming them back in. And there it was a hand gun.

“Well James this was your big idea now I have to use it. He checked the chamber and it was loaded.”

“Come here you old man your wife is waiting for us.”

He dragged James to the master suite and sat him down on a chair

James Screamed at him, “Who are you I demand to know?”

“Demand, (He laughs) is that what you do best? Demand and dictate James. Well I’m not one of your employees. Far from it.”

He grabbed James Legs and tied them together with plastic ties.

“Now I want a little music, looking at their stereo. How about a classical piece. Yes, that’s the one.


The Darkest of Night 2 Screenplay

By |February 11th, 2016

Gooood morning to you from 101 FM. We have bright skies and ongoing moving traffic. Just a minor fender bender on Main Street. Stay tuned for the best Jazz. Here with you is Sassy Jones. Get your coffee and let’s groove.

That Wednesday morning everyone was waking up to their usual day.
There was order and […]