🎨 Courtesy to the Moon, Twilight – Georges-Marie-Julien Girardot (1890)🎨 Beauty In Art 🌍 At @HistoricArtPage on Twitter.

The ladies had come home for a visit. Elaine suggested they walk by the lilies pond. They were in deep conversation, each of them describing their part of life. Elaine was now a doctor. Something she had dreamed of doing as a child. Emma said to her “Do you remember when we were children and you asked us to lay down because you were going to operate.” They all laughed.
Elaine said “I wish I could wave my fingers like I did as a child, if it were only that easy, but it is rewarding my career and I have nothing to complain about, other than I don’t have anytime to myself. I don’t think I shall ever marry.”

There was this silence for a while.
Then Catherine said “The twins are more than a handful for me. But they are my life.” June was the quietest she kept a secret that was breaking her heart. She had fallen in love with the wrong man. © Natalie Keshing