Eve Nightingale’s Romance

Her Thoughts
Before They Met

Woo Me
We Find
That Perfect
Place of Love
And Desire
Until Then
I’ll Keep
My fire

And More Thoughts….

Whisk Me Away
In Your Words,
And A Taste
Of Your Desire
I Promise
To Be
Sinfully Good

And More Thoughts…..
It’s Possible
Now We’re
Half Way

His Thoughts …..

I Am All To Lazy
To Let Myself
Only Partake
In Pleasuring You
With Your Desire
Will Make This

More Of His Thoughts

“Drain Me” Was
Bodies Intertwined
Skin To Skin
Glistening Beads Of Sweat
Only In Lovemaking…..

Then They Met

They Walked The Pond
Of Floating Lilies Scent
She Was Thinking
What Is He Thinking?
He Asked, “I Would Like It
If You Would Join Me To
The Opera This Friday?”

“Yes” of course.

Then It all came to suddenly

They Were In Love
As Only Lover’s Can Be
They Shared A Passion
A Meeting
Of the Minds

It Was Something
So Sweet
So Irresistible
And Yes Passionate

When Love Is At The Cusp
Of Breaking Through
There Is No Other Feeling Like It
It Whisks You Away
Into A Tornado
Of Many Nights Of Bliss
And Even Days

He Feeling Protective
And Chivalrous

She Feeling Madly In Love

No Day
No Life
Can Be Spent
Better Than This

Showing Her Demur
And Lovely Side
And Sight

While Enticing
Always His
Masculine Side
Her Succulent Breasts
And Lovely Shapely Legs

It Is Racy And Risque
But What Other Words
Would You Have Me Use
To Raise Your Desire
And Feeling
Ready To Make A Move

They Boasted of their new found love

We Took That Ride
Didn’t We?
A Hairpin Curve
Of Magic, Thunder, and Lightening
Sparking The
Living Daylights and Nightfalls
Of Lovemaking

She Was A Woman
Caged In Her Heart
With The Dreams
Of Yesterday
Revisiting Them
While Writing and Performing
Till Her Hearts Content
For Him

He Saying “Well done” My Lovely

They were searching for that
Hideaway called Their Own
From The Noisy City Streets
And All The Chaos
Calling This Home

At Last The Showing
Of This Little Hideaway

The Gate Squeaked
The Weeping Willow
With Droopy Limbs
Looking Lifeless
A Dry Fountain Of Rust
A Gossamer Web
With The Dangling Spider
Saying Welcome
To Her And Him

He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes
She Said Thank You
To The Friendly Spider

Now The Reality
Of Such A Fantasy
Finally Emerged
It Wasn’t Quite Nearly
As Romantic and Whimsical
As They Had Fantasized
And Advertised

Everything Needed A Makeover
From the Outdoors to the Indoors

She looked at him and said
“There’s a lot of potential here.”
Raising Her Hands
To Cover His Eyes

“Now I Want You
To Close Your
Eyes and Imagine This.”

A New White Gate
With A Welcoming Sign
The Fountain All Clean
With Crystal Clear Running Water
Live Rose Bushes
And Hollyhocks
Maybe a tree here and there

And What Would
We Do Without
This Beautiful Place and
The Clouds
The Green
And The Sea
Each Other, Perfectly
But Our Minds Darling
Gives It Meaning….

We Could Spend
Many A Night
In The Way Through The Woods
It Would Become
A Path
Of Long Awaited Dreams
In The Way Through The Woods
If you know what I mean Darling.

All Selling Points
She Was Doing the Job of
The Real Estate Agent

He Thinking
This Isn’t Real and
Certainly Not An Estate
The Add Was Entirely Different.

“Let’s Go See the Rest Of the
Potential Inside.” She said.

He Was Thinking Potential!
What Potential?
A Living Nightmare!

But He Played His Part
Not To Discourage Her

Then it came to ….

A Coin Toss Of Fate
Heads or Tails
She Chose Tails And
Watched His Head
Spin Out Of In Control
Now The Coin and Fate
Tossed In The Dry Fountain Of Rust

They Bought It Yeah!!!!

Why he was feeling this made no sense

Every Craving Born
Has A Lifespan
Once Lived
And/Or Experienced
It Loses It’s
Needless To Say
We Keep Craving

And That Was Right
He Craved Her
And Not Her Ideas

That Night He Had
A Nightmare Of Her
His Lovely
How Could This Be

The Dream……

Witchcraft On Her Lips
Longing In Her Heart
Words Of Persuasion
Spinning Her Web
Like The Friendly
Dangling Spider
Of Small Talk “Welcome”
And Inconsequential
And There He Went
Following Her and The Spider

She Started To Notice
His Agitation And Nervousness

Is This My Denial Phase
Why Was I
Finding Refuge In Him
What Exactly Drove Me
To Think I Could Change You
And Much Less Heal You
Maybe Healing Myself

This Was Nonsense
They Were Still In Love

Now The Wedding ……Yeah!!!!

The Wedding Was Quick
And Tasteful
By The Sea

Yes Of Course White
She and Him Barefooted
Saying “I Do”

The Music Played At Their Nuptials

Only Music
Can Bring Back
The Feeling
As It Does
Music Speaks
To All Of Us
The Rhythm
The Beat
The Note
All As One
For Love

And The Friendly Spider
Now A Pet……

A Welcoming
Of Diminutive
A Friendly Spider
So Cute And Yet
So Capable
A Translucent
Gossamer Web
Here and There
And Everywhere

The Violinist
In The Pond Of Lillies Scent
The Children Would Come
To Listen
That Was Undoubtedly
His Best Audience

Yes, Now Working
On Their First Child

And The Renovations
All Done For Her
And The New Baby

She Carrying The Baby…..

In Her Solutude
Rain Tapping Against
The Window
Laying Amongst
Soft Pillows
Reading Poetry
Writing A Book
Drinking Tea
And Peace
Comforts Of Home
Now In Their Cottage

Thinking Of When She Met Him

How Would
It Feel
Your Gentle touch
A Reason
To Dream
As I Wonder
About Your Gentle Touch
Let Me Dream 4 Now
And Always

He Thinking While
Paying The Bills
And How Far They’d Come….

Sometimes You Have To Take
A Sharp Corner In Life
It Is A Challenge To Stay
In The Realm Of Balancing
A Well Deserved Life
It May Not Be All
But It’s Brought You This Far

And Over The Course
Of Their Few Fights……

He Watched
In Slow Motion
Her Quiet Rage
He Was No Longer In Denial
He’d Take It All
He Wanted All Of Her
He Held Her

By This Time They Had Shared

Yes, In Raw Emotion
We Are The Most Vulnerable
It Seems
We Cross Over To A
New Charted Path
Igniting A Deeper Sense
Of Self Worth
In Raw Emotion

Both Thinking While Quarreling

An Outer Shell
Of Flawed Immaculate
Exposed To The
Slow Bane Of His/Her Recklessness
The Dirge Of Flesh
Weakening The Soul
A Radiant Frenzy
Trying To Cover It All

She Leaving Him A Message
At His Desk
Just To Challenge Him

Is This Action Or Thought?
To Love
Thought & Feeling
All Action In Theory
The Love To Act Upon

And Choose To Stay Happy

Many Years Later
After The College Graduations
And Their Children’s Weddings

Mother Read
The Middle Chapter
Of Her Book To Father
We Were Listening
In TheStairway
“Well Done Eve Nightingale”
She Jumped On
His Lap
With Sloppy Wet Kisses

@ Natalie Keshing