Look out were all swimming in the pool, make your choice based on the 99.9% of Americans who stand for Bernie Sanders.

Look out were all swimming in the pool, make your choice based on the 99.9% of Americans who stand for Bernie Sanders.

Colorado homeless housing crisis:  By MicheleElys

My response to MicheleElys and our plea for the homelessness ©Natalie Keshing: I don’t believe I have ever read a more alarming and horrible truth then the clarity you bring to homelessness MicheleElys. Your post communicates to us the real and pervasive issues of those suffering in terrible circumstances of being homeless in our society; here in America.

Demoralizing issues that no one dares to talk about and much less think about. But it can happen to anyone. I guess except for those who are truly protected by bankruptcy laws and no federal guidelines, rules, or regulations to prosecute all those involved and what transpired in 2008. Remembering that many (REAL people) had to leave their homes; the American dream. All the banks, wall street, and now congregating as superPACs walked away unscathed and turned around and paid millions to a presidential candidate, I suppose out of the 750 billion bailout they were given to stay afloat, for her unique speech only for hers and their ears. And we need to ask ourselves but what about the homeless? While celebrities hypocritically denouncing in public admitting that $353,000 was an obscene and outrageous price to pay to sit at the table with the presidential candidate, the other tables costed $33,000 per person, while thousands of homeless are beyond their means and we still don’t understand the magnitude of this problem. The millions paid to support her candidacy out of the 750 billion (almost a trillion to be more exact) the government in early 2009 had to give to the largest banks, Wall Street, large companies, etc… to sustain and save us all from the peril of an economic destitute and prevent a global market collapse.

So the cycle started from the middle income’s dreams of owning a home through a home mortgage bank. Everyone was truly excited buying a home on the premise of an adjustable interest rate that would eventually change to a current fixed interest rate. For example an initial homeowners monthly payment started at $1800 a month then when the adjustable interest rate turned into a fixed interest rate they had to pay a new monthly mortgage of $2400 a month. Ouch! During this time mortgage lending banks resold these loans and these larger banks consolidated and resold these loans to other bigger banks calling this Consolidated Debt Obligations. It really turned into a money making scheme where these large banks like Merrill Lynch, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Goldman Sachs, etc…  probably said to themselves how could this fail, plus within a very short time frame all involved would be doubling, tripling their investment in Consolidated Debt Obligations. How the CEO’s, CFO’s, auditors, financial controllers didn’t say anything sooner is really beyond our comprehension.

All these large banks are sharks swimming in an infested pool of greed and now people like the presidential candidate and other greedy individuals are on the backs as remoras feeding their desire for power, money, and greed. And people ask me why I’m voting for Bernie. This is why and for the homeless!!!

KeepingUInformed ©Natalie Keshing

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