Miranda Keshing

When mother came home we were all a bit startled. She usually didn’t enter with such haste. Aubrey and I looked at each other immediately with a face of complete surprise we had never exchanged before. Almost like twin sisters we could read each other’s minds. But mother being the authoritarian in this family could usually read ours.  
I said to Aubrey, “What do you suppose it is? Why mother just flew by us?”

“Well, I know one thing, she’s upset.” said Aubrey

Edith said to us, “Now don’t go bothering your mother at this point. Whatever it is, she needs time to gather her thoughts.”

Aubrey and I looked at each and nodded our heads. 

Edith said, “Your father is expected any moment and I’m sure he will proceed to comfort your mother. That is, if that’s what she needs.”

I asked, “Aubrey do you think it has anything to do with the book?”

“I think that’s a good guess. It must have something to do with her book. All I know is that none of us like seeing her this way because mother is usually the most cheerful person in the world.” said Aubrey

Edith said, “Very well with that said, let’s keep ourselves and our minds busy. I will need help setting the table for when dinner is ready.”

To our relief after we finished helping Edith set the table father came in and we were never the more happier to see him walk through the front door.

Aubrey jumped immediately to inform him of our worry for mother. Even Scarlett the dog was whimpering for this odd reason. Scarlett was not used to less affection as neither were we; her daughters.

Aubrey jumped immediately to inform father of mother’s odd behavior.

“Father, mother came home about half an hour ago and she looked upset, it was obvious she wasn’t herself.”

“Yes girls, I immediately noticed, this is unusual behavior for your mother when I walk in through the door she usually has the papers and my tea and her beautiful smile to greet me. Let me go see if something is bothering her.”

As we looked at father going upstairs Edith immediately jumped in front of Aubrey and I, she blocked us from walking upstairs with father.
“Now come along this is your father’s and mother’s business.”

We sat at the bottom of the stairs and all we could hear was father knocking on mother’s writing room door.

“Miranda, sweetheart it’s me dear, can I come in?” 

The door opened and mother said

“Oh Colin I had the most horrible day.”

She was in tears and then the door closed and all we could hear was muffled words of highs and lows in their pitch. 

Miranda sat on her chaise and Colin sat next to her.
“What is it my Bonnie Blue, what has upset you so much. Tell me my darling.”

Colin took out his handkerchief and wiped her tears.

“I went to Shillings publishing and I met with the powers that be and they looked less interested in my book. I couldn’t stand the silence as Arthur reviewed it in front of me, as if he actually read it. It was that pale and miserable Debra Hallsworth that was the one who read it and informed Arthur why she didn’t like the book. I know the perfectly good reason why her poor pathetic pale of a woman didn’t like my book. She’s jealous a person because I have you and the girls and because her life is void of anything nurturing. Not even a dog could put up with her.”

“Come here my darling let me explain to you why I find you so beautiful and fascinating. Miranda no one could describe an inkling of life or love like the way you do my darling. You know exactly how to live and write and keep us all so happy and nourished with all your love, my Bonnie Blue. No one could ever compare and Shillings is one publisher among thousands. And your exactly right no one who doesn’t have love in their heart could understand another that does.” 
“You’re right Colin, Shillings is one of thousands of publishers. I shouldn’t give up just because one small publishing agency isn’t willing to read my work objectively. I went to high school with Debra Hallsworth and she never liked anyone. She didn’t change and she disliked me then and even more now. Let’s go downstairs the girls are probably worried about me. I feel better now. Thanks to you my love.”
Miranda runs her hand with long fingers against Colin’s face and kisses him sweetly and happy again. As Miranda and Colin came downstairs they are greeted by Edith, Aurbrey, Scarlett and I. 

“Are you alright mother?” asked Aubrey immediately

I said “We were worried mother?”  

“I’m so sorry girls for being so selfish and not giving you the proper greeting and most of all my love for all of you. I’ve learned a lesson and no one’s bitterness should affect my happiness and blessings that I hold dear to my heart. Come here give your mama a kiss.”

Aubrey picked up Scarlett, our miniature dachshund and everyone kissed Miranda including Scarlett. Scarlett’s tail was wagging once more and the girls started to talk about their day at school.
© Natalie Keshing