Don’t make me do it! Am I going to have to write consistently and constantly about Mr. Donald Trump who is not failing us with his rhetoric, mind/thought processing, and his actions. Ten things that surprised us about Mr. Trump.

1) He’s really himself; not like an ordinary rich person.👍

2) He loves the cameras almost as much as we do. 👍

3) He’s now officially jumped over the wall, but here in the United States and he has to admit it was intense.  😰

4) He is smarter then the GOP hoped for.👍

5) Reince Priebus, Chairman of the GOP is now on Trump’s corner; we think! 👍

6) Where is David Letterman to help out with this list describing the worlds fascination with Mr. Trump’s gumption. 👍

7) Does Mr.Trump only love beautiful women NO! He loves all women except for Rosy O’Donnell. 👍

8) If on a deserted island and only Mr. Trump and Rosie O’Donnell were on this island tell me what do you think would happen? 😍 write in your comments? I’ll be waiting.

9) We’re almost there, one more to go well technically two. Let me think, slowly but surely he does seem to be becoming more Presidential.👍

10) Mr. Trump’s next book “The Art of Dealing with Congress” oh that should prove to be more than funny and valuable for the next President. 👍

Well there you are my friends. Make sure you comment or write your own list I’ll advertise it on my new magazine site 👍 A thumbs up for our beautiful life. © Natalie Keshing