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Resilience In Curls

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Resilience In Curls is about life, cultures, and beautiful characters interspersed throughout this wondrous story. The Novel shows great passion and meaningful verses to heighten the reader’s experience. There are 9 charming fictional and humorous stories included in the book. Seven are British. Two are contemporary.

The Keshing Family,
Eve Nightingale’s Romance,
Professor Wellington,
Samantha, Editor and Chief,
The Treachery Of Love,
The Queen Venting,
Defied Them All
My Darling Rose’s
Completely Undone

The main character faces a myriad of challenges rising resiliently and demonstrating the true human spirit to survive and surpass limitations of closed mindedness. The theme in the book is on education, inspiration, and continuing to live with absolute and indelible faith. Once the momentum starts there is great humor.

GoodReads and Amazon Reviews 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.