I read this, this morning: If Democrats used GOP rules, Clinton’s delegate lead would triple: http://aol.it/1r2cPeO

Natalie Keshing: Continuing with the “What If” scenarios for the Democratic party adopting the “The Rules” from the Republican party. I wasn’t too impressed with “The Rules” to begin with and neither was Mr. Trump.


“What If” Mr. Trump asked Mr. Sanders to be his Vice President nominee. Mr. Sanders brings everything to the table with his dedicated experience in Congress. Mr. Trump said he would appoint someone from inside Congress as Vice President. They would work together implementing their shared policies, leadership, and strength.

But who am I to suggest such a thing. As they say, “Strange things do happen in politics.” My ultimate strategy is to combine their best skills and leadership from both sides of the parties. Why not? Up until now nothing else has changed and we do need the change, to be more effective in foreign policy, the economy, health insurance, college tuition, social programs to rebuild the nucleus of families suffering in poverty and no inspiration, etc…

Perhaps that little bird that landed on the podium where Mr. Sanders was talking to a large voting audience was more than inspiration and maybe that little bird will travel to visit with Mr. Trump.


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