She at four:

A baleful of consequences started to be a part of her new life; non-comprehension and some days flying by the seat of her pants. She had started to feel inured for she deserved more.

Nick was incensed that she wasn’t eating the food prepared that night for dinner. She remembered his screaming, his evil eye. She looked at her mother for support but her mother didn’t dare look her way.

He Was Broken Open
She Saw The Flush
Of His Face
Rise From His Fists
Evil Bringing His Horror
Temper Eruption
Disgracing Himself

Then she started gagging and that was enough for him. He banged the table with his fists and her body flinched. She was scared. He said in Spanish translated to English:

“We are going to the living room to watch “Bonanza” and you will stay here until you finish your food, do you understand me?”

“Vamos ah mirare el television con Bonanza, y tu tienes que comel todo tu comida mien tiendes.”

She nodded with a sad face.
“So they left, I think I was glad. No, I know I was glad.”

She tried a few more times and gagged with each attempt. Then she started to think. She looked around carefully; there was the trash can, but that would be too obvious. The kitchen cupboards were not the answer. Then she noticed the small removable steel plate at the bottom of the short, wide refrigerator, so different from the refrigerator the Kings owned. It was her impulsive idea to act without weighing the consequences. But she was barely four. She slowly tiptoed over and removed that steel plate without a sound traveling to the living room. The noise of the TV with Bonanza airing was to her advantage. She took the food and scraped it off the platter into the compartment and replaced the steel plate. She didn’t think about the consequences. This was an act of deception that she had just committed.

Now that I think about it being caught in the act would have dangerously tipped the scales and God knows for the lack of a better term what would have happened.
However, this wasn’t the case and she was rather proud she had solved some of Nick’s frustration and infuriation and her suffering. She called out in Spanish “Yah Ca Ve”, “I’m done”. She took her jello with whipping cream out of the refrigerator and happily went into the living room to join them. They looked happy. She was happy, feasting on dessert and watching “Bonanza” on television.

© Natalie Keshing