Riddles of Twiddly Dee Twiddly Dumb

“Who goes there?”

“Who Asks?” shaking

“I asked you first?”

“It Is Only Me.”

“There are many me’s. Don’t play games with me. Foolish you are not.
But avoiding the truth you might never see The Promised Land. Am I Understood?”

“Perfectly, I am one of the trolls from the Bottom Land.

“You Climbed All This Way?”

“Yes, I was told it was the only way.”

“It is not. But you are a fair troll, I can sense that because I cannot see.”

“Oh your holy one thank you for the compliment. I’m sorry for your misfortune.”

“I am not and I’ll take no pity from a troll.”

“Yes your grace I over spoke in nervousness.”

“What are you nervous about and I sense your scared. What are you scared off?”

“Monsters, your grace.”

“The Human Kind?”

“Yes the Mortal Kind.”

“How unfortunate for them don’t you agree?”

“Oh, yes your grace they not carry the Alchemy.”

“Listen carefully, they carry it, but don’t know how to access it, much less use it. Did you sense something different about yourself while climbing to my top, now visiting with me unintentionally of course, but a welcomed visit.”

“I did and that is why I am scared, I’ve lost my powers.”

“You didn’t lose them troll. You let your fear get in the way. This is typical especially for the human kind, except all the children they always possess all their powers; they know no less.”

“Go ahead show me what you can do?”

“Well, I can do this. (The troll transforming herself into a human kind. A cute child of four. Smiling she is.)”

“You see I told you, you didn’t lose them.”

“Now sit with me and we’ll share a sweet treat, their my specialty and my powers remain strong.” (The troll converts herself back to the loving troll that she is. Two and a half feet tall with very long golden hair. Eyes of emerald. She sits across from thy grace.)

“What is your name troll?”


“Then Smegan you should ask for the other two hiding behind my favorite rock to join us.”

Spuddles and Stickles come forth. Growling giggling noises they made.

Stay Tuned My Innocent Ones. Hanna Hawkins is on her way.

© Natalie Keshing