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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Samantha, Editor and Chief

By |July 26th, 2015

Samantha had
A Critical Eye
As Editor and Chief
Of “Finesse”
There Were Those
Who Couldn’t
Look At Her
In The Eye
She Was Stoic
Rarely Smiled
While Everyone Else
Was Scrambling About
To Get The Next
Month’s Edition Out
She Maintained
Her Cool
But Was Entertained
With All The Chaos
During the Week

Jacqueline Was
Was A Very Clever Girl
And Therefore
Not Afraid
Of Samantha
She Was The
Little Wizzard
With Thick Glasses
To Get Things Done
Not Scrambling About
Like […]

Professor Wellington

By |July 22nd, 2015

Professor George Wellington
Came Into Class
His Hair Outgrown Deshiveled
And Gray
Squinting Through
His Wired Glasses
Removing Blowing
Breath At Them
Then Proceeding To Wipe Them

“There That’s Better Now”

The Class Was Large
Descending In Steps
Young Minds With
All Different Thoughts
Ready To Be Challenged
Or So He Thought

“Very well I suppose you
all know my name.
Yes, I am Professor Wellington.
The class you signed up for is […]

Completely Undone

By |July 20th, 2015

She Was A Mess

Why Had She
Taken The Bait
Who Knows

It Was Supposed
To Be A
Love Story
Or So She Thought

Now Playing
One Dangerous Game
With Another

A Surreptitious Glance
Turned Into
A Torrid Affair
Now Clandestine and Destructive

Could It Be
That She Felt
She Was

Trapped In Darkness
Where No Light
Herself…Had Seen
Better Days and Nights
Better Thoughts
When The Moon
Was Bright
And Just Heavenly
All To Herself
She Remembers

Then The Dream of […]

The Roses Of His Life

By |July 15th, 2015

She Spawned
The Poem Of Verses Three
To Show
There Was Light
For Everyone
Not To Only Imagine and See

But More
Importantly To Feel ~ It Starts

She Remembers
Their First Night Together
His Dark Hair and Hers
His Green Eyes
And Hers Dark Brown

Clasped In Each Other’s Arms
She Said
Do You Remember
On That
Frigid Night
How You Held Me?

The Ubiquitous
Of Iridescent Stars
Shined On Our Naked Souls
It Was […]

The Queen Venting

By |July 13th, 2015

The Queen Was In
Her Solitary Room
No One Dared To
Interrupt Her

What Was She Thinking?

Her Days Of Finding
True Love
Telling Him
There Never Was
A You and I
I KeptSaying1MoreTry

And Now Look We’re Married
And Your Terribly Relaxed.

Well, Let Me Tell You How It Is
The Blocked Exit
Is In Your Mind
You Keep Blocking
And Exiting

When There’s One Fire After
Another And You Aren’t Helping

How […]

The Poem Of Verses

By |July 10th, 2015

She Carried The Secret
Not Knowingly
Wearing The Dresses
Of A Princess
But Not A Princess
Her Hair Was Dark
Ringlets Of Curls
Her Little Self
Was Prepared
To Strike And Defy
The Lycanthropic
Silver Wolf With
Blood Shot Red Eyes
Who Came By
The Black Angels Eye
It Seemed
Only Too Real
To Watch These Two
Want to Kill Each Other
She Had The Mind Set
Of A Prisoner
Believing In God
Was By Her […]

Resiliently We Rise

By |July 9th, 2015

Resiliently We Rise

I have written my first novel “Resilience In Curls” by Natalie Keshing and is truly an inspiring story. It’s a unique novel about a true heroic story. Written with verses to heighten and enlighten the reader’s experience. There are nine wonderful delightful short stories, five British, three contemporary. I am a person […]